Metallic Blue Age 60 Latex Balloons
Price: USD-506.00
Product Code : OCB1203
Available : 17
Available as early as: March 09, 2016

Brighten up his birthday party with this pack of 6 latex balloons!
Each metallic blue balloon features a print of the number 60 with swirls and stars in a bold, white design. They're a fabulous decoration for special 60th birthday celebrations.
Can You Inflate My Latex Balloons?
We will deliver your pack of balloons deflated but latex balloon inflation is available in our stores at a cost of 75p per balloon.  We use HI-FLOAT, which gives latex balloons extended float times.
If you'd like us to inflate your latex balloons, simply take your delivery note and balloons to your nearest Card Factory store and we’ll inflate them for you. Please remember to take your delivery note as you’ll need to show this to a member of our team as proof of purchase. 
When purchasing a helium balloon, priced over £2.49 and to be inflated in-store, you are required to purchase a foil weight. The same applies to any Helium Displays to be inflated in-store. Such weights can be added to your web order or purchased in a Card Factory branch upon taking your balloon for inflation. We will provide a free weight when inflating any helium balloon at a cost of £2.49 or less in-store.
Please note that to avoid disappointment, and to ensure we deliver a quality service, our stores require a notice period of 24 hours to prepare balloon displays.

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